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Healing Tips

Rolled Red Bath Towel

Bath Towel as a Pillow

Make a bath towel into a roll and put it under your neck (not under head) and sleep on it one or two night(s) per week when your neck muscle feels stiff or tender. With this method your neck will be gently stretched and relaxed.

Low Back Support Pillow in Red

Low Back Support

LOW BACK SUPPORT is very good at easing and relieving your low back problems. You can wear them while you driving, walking, lifting or doing gardening. It is well designed to achieve the best result. Price $38

Firm Mattress in Red

Firm Mattress for Backache

When you have lower back pain or other problems, please sleep on a firm a mattress (not a soft one) because firm mattress can give your spine good support and make sure the bones are in right position. Alternatively, sleep on the floor one or two night(s) if you cannot find a firm mattress and your house is dry and warm enough.

Red Tennis Ball as a Massager

Tennis Ball as a Massager

When you feel sore or stiff in your foot or ankle, step on a tennis ball rolling and massaging your foot(sole) and ankle while you sitting and watching a boring TV programme.

Red icon of lady stretching her body

Stretching Your Body

When you feel sore or stiff in your neck, back, hip and/or leg, you can try to stretch them and then probably you will feel much better. When you do some stretching, actually you relax the muscle and tendon which attach to your skeleton system. Remember, stretching is also a kind of exercise!

Red icon of cooking

Cooking Orange Peel

When you cough with phlegm, cooking two or three pieces of orange/lemon/mandarin peels with one or two cup(s) of water. Drink the water and you can find it helps to reduce the phlegm and ease cough.

Red water bottle with glass

Drinking Plenty of Water

Drinking plenty of water (6~8 glasses or at least 1.5L) everyday can give your body a good flushing, which helps to drive the toxic metabolic waste out of your body.