Joint Care Therapy

What is JointCare THERAPY?

JointCare Therapy is a combined treatment derived from both traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine. A computerised device is used to activate the blood circulation through Chinese Meridian system and conduct herbs into the joint cavity to nourish the joint. So it can also be called Ion-introduction Therapy or Electrophoresis Therapy.

How does JointCare THERAPY work?

During JointCare Therapy, a well-designed machine produces therapeutic pulses and by electrophoresis phenomenon the nourishing herbal stuff can be brought directly to the affected area (joint, muscle and/or tendon, etc.) through the openings of sweat glands and skin surface.

Together with the function of the therapeutic pulses (which is quite similar to physiotherapy treatment) and herbal stuff, the JointCare Therapy can relieve pain and stiffness, increase the blood supply, unblock stagnant circulation, repair degenerative change, eliminate inflammation, alleviate adhesion, and reduce swelling.

What are the advantages of JointCare Therapy?
  • Specific treatment localization. JointCare Therapy can help the affected joints directly rather than oral-taken medications that may have impact on all your body.
  • Longer lasting effect. Herbal stuff entering the joint cavity directly during JointCare Therapy can stay longer than those oral-taken medications and therefore have a longer effective time in the joint cavity.
  • No side-effects. Digestive discomforts from oral-taken medications can be avoided by “Trans-dermal delivery mechanism” in JointCare Therapy. Also, unlike other invasive treatments, there are no complications such as infection, bleeding, or pain during/after the JointCare Therapy.
  • Extra gain in the whole body. When the JointCare Therapy treats particular part of your body and improving the “Wear and tear” change, some meridian acupuncture points are involved as well and possible holistic treatment regulations can be achieved.
What is JointCare Therapy good for?
  • Joints: cervical spine, shoulder, elbow, wrist, finger, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, hip, sacral-iliac, knee, ankle, toe.
  • Disorders: osteoarthritis (OA), rheumatoid arthritis (RA), ankylosing spondylitis (AS), gout and some other disorders with musculoskeletal symptoms*

*consultation will be needed before 1st session to analyze your condition

Precautions of JointCare Therapy
  • Consult your doctor before you come if you have: severe high blood pressure, severe heart disease, badly impaired kidney and/or liver function.
  • JointCare Therapy cannot be applied to the area of artificial joint(s).
  • Mild skin itch or rash may happen in the local area after the treatment, which will disappear in one or two days and occasionally some medications or creams might be needed to ease the symptoms.

$45/session – your payment is the valuable investment for your future health.

  • Gentle, effective
  • No needle piercing

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