Deep Tissue Massage

The massage we are specialized in is called medical massage or therapeutic massage — it is a combination of deep-tissue massage and ace-pressure. This combination makes it very good for pain and/or stress relief.

Massage therapy is aimed at lifting your spirit and relaxing your mind.  Everyone will benefit from a massage after long working hours or stressful times. Many of our patients falling asleep on the massage table and awaking with refreshed energy status. Very often we use acupuncture to begin with and continue the treatment with massage therapy.

Gift vouchers are available if you would like to present your friend with an indulging and energizing experience.

A therapeutic massage will help in the following areas:

Muscle-skeleton Injuries, Arthritis, Sciatica;

Neck, shoulder, (lower) back and leg pain;

Various internal medical problems;

Stress-related syndrome (Headache, migraine etc.);

Chronic fatigue syndrome;

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