Fat Burning Therapy


FAT BURNING THERAPY is a combination of treatment derived from both traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine. A computerised device is used to activate the energy Qi circulation through Chinese Meridian system and to burn and crash the fat. A lymphatic drainage massage is followed to achieve better effect.

How does it work?

Burning and crashing the fat, exercising the muscle, stimulating the metabolism, smoothing the circulation, draining the lymph system and shaping the body.

What should you know before a treatment?

Consult your doctor before you come if you have the following problems:

  • Systemic conditions: severe high blood pressure, severe heart disease, badly impaired kidney and/or liver function
  • Have an operation within recent 4 months
  • Have an artificial pacemaker in your body
What should you do after a session?
  • Drinking 7-8 cups of water per day
  • Drinking herbal slimming tea to get better effects
  • No further diet and exercise schedule are strictly needed, but light food and normal amount of physical exercise are encouraged

Ideally, one treatment course includes 6 sessions and is completed within 2-3 weeks (two or three sessions a week). Each session lasts around 40 minutes.


$75/session; or $420 for 6 sessions

Treatment Effect

Normally, assured effect(s) will be achieved after one treatment (6 sessions). Before starting, one goal will be set for each treatment according to client’s individual condition. A re-evaluation will be made to measure the effect after 6 sessions and the following effect(s) will happen:

  • Abdomen measurement be reduced 2cm or more; or
  • Hip measurement be reduced 2.5cm or more; or
  • Thigh measurement be reduced 1cm or more; or
  • Arm measurement be reduced 0.5cm or more

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