Vital Energy Therapy

What is Vital Energy Therapy?

Vital Energy Therapy is based on traditional Chinese medicine with the focus on human body energy fields. It is combined with modern electromagnetic technology and is a safe, natural method of healing.

Some thousands of years ago, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners realized that the human body and the universe are in the same energy field. Modern science has proven that the human brain and heart use electricity power, which is another kind of energy as well. Chinese people believe that energy flows in the human body are in 14 meridians of lines, which pass through 365 acupuncture points connected to five vital organs (heart, spleen, liver, lung and kidney).

All sickness arises from either energy blockages or lack of energy in some parts of our body. Most newborn babies grow fast, have a beautiful appearance and are healthy because their energy flows are perfect. As we getting older, the energy level declines; while people die, energy circulation totally stops. Thus we can say, “Life is energy”.

How Vital Energy Therapy works?

After located the energy blockage in your body, the treatment is designed to help your energy flow, which in turn allows your own body to heal itself.

Once it has been decided which organ or organs in your body lack energy, the treatment then works on nurturing them back to an efficient functioning state.

In one word, Vital energy therapy helps your body regain its energy balance.

Which problems are Vital Energy Therapy good for?

General health improvement


Irritable Bowel syndrome
Menopause syndrome
Swollen ankles and legs
Tennis elbow
Prostate problems
Stomach ache
Sport and other injuries


45 minutes: $50

1 hours: $65

Your payment is the valuable investment for your future health.

  • Gentle, effective
  • No needle piercing

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