Herbel Remedies

Chinese Herbal remedies, together with Acupuncture, has been widely used in China and other East Asian countries (Korea, Japan, Vietnam etc.) over thousands of years for treating most internal diseases, such as emotional stress or depression, indigestion, insomnia, allergies, hypertension or chronic infection etc. It is also believed to be effective for skin problems and gynecological diseases.

After fresh herbs collected, they are then processed (grounded, then heated with vinegar, salts, honey or just water). Inappropriate processing will destroy or change the original nature, which could partly explain why most of the herbs we use can grow in New Zealand but they are still needed to be imported from overseas—-Nobody here is familiar with the complicated skills of processing.

In Chinese Medicine, it is believed that different herbs have different natures (cold, hot; warm, cool; tonic, depletion; etc.)  Couple of housand years have been spent searching for the secrets behind them. Herbs are used according to their different natures to correct the imbalance inside the body.

When you come to our clinic for Chinese herbal remedy, it usually takes several steps before diagnosis and herbal prescription can be made. Firstly, we will ask some questions about your general condition, such as energy level, emotional status, appetite, sleeping or even the status of urine and bowl motions. Then, we will conduct pulse-reading and tongue-observing to detect the condition of your internal organ. The whole diagnosing process is termed as Si-Zhen (the Four Examinations). Si-Zhen is a unique diagnosing method in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

In the past, it takes about half an hour or even longer to cook the herbs before you can drink the herbal juice (refers to our article Herbs Cooking & Drinking); Now a new advanced manufacturing technology has been applied to make high-quality, clean and directly-taking concentrated herbal granule products, which only takes around three minutes before drinking. For more information, please contact us or visit Guangdong Yifang Pharmaceutical Company’s website www.e-fong.com

Herbs (without any animal products in my clinic) are mainly believed to be good for:

Arthritis, Rheumatic Diseases

Skin problems (Eczema, Psoriasis etc.)

Allergies, Sinus, Hay Fever, Asthma

Chronic infection (Bronchitis, Hepatitis, Nephritis,  Tonsillitis, etc.

Digestion problems

Gynaecological problems (Endometriosis, PMS, Heavy Bleeding, Menopause-Related Syndrome, etc.)


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