Remote Consultation

For the people who are not convenient to come for a personal consultation, we have Remote Consultation service available now!

  1. Contact us to show your interest to have a Remote Consultation.
  2. We send you a Patient Information Pack. Finish the form, send it back together with any detailed materials related to your problem if available.
  3.  After considering all the information which has been collected, a diagnosis of your problem by Chinese medicine will be made, which is the base of any further suggestions on treatment and lifestyle. We will inform you total payment incurred in the consultation and treatment.
  4. Make payment through your on-line banking system and after we confirm your payment, we will send you the diagnosis and treatment suggestions together with Chinese herbs if applicable.

*All your individual information will be kept confidentially.

  • Consultation: $115
  • Herbs: same price as normal patients. Please refer to Fee Structure

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