How does Chinese Medicine help patients suffering from stress?

Stress, anxiety and depression are very common in modern society and there are much more cases in New Zealand than that of in China as I noticed. I suppose two reasons can explain these phenomena: firstly, living or working environment here is more stressful; secondly could be treatments here is not powerful enough.

In China patients often receive treatment not only from the psychologist but also from Chinese medicine doctors. Obviously, the combined treatments are much more powerful and safer than one western medication itself.

And how does the traditional Chinese treatment work?

When Chinese medicine is referred here, it contains treatments with both Chinese herbs and acupuncture. According to different conditions in different individuals, tonic, depletion, dispersion or activation method will be administrated. In Chinese medicine we approach the body in a different way from Western medicine. Most of the depression patients in Chinese Medicine practitioners’ point of view are due to stagnant Qi circulation (Liver Qi stagnant).

Chinese Medicine keeps balance of the body. The balance of Yin and Yang is an important factor for health and the unbalance is the root reason why all diseases come in being. Chinese doctors find the unbalance and treat it and thus patients can regain a healthy mental condition.

My knowledge and experience suggests that almost all patients suffering from stress, anxiety, and depression will benefit from treatment with acupuncture and herbs. Some people feel good within a short time, while others can actually stop drugs and psychotherapy.  It usually takes about ten treatments to get substantial results. (Unfortunately, many patients feel temporary relief after one or two treatments, and they discontinue treatments before the treatment effect has been maximized.)

For example, a woman in her forties, who has suffered from depression for 5 years, came to my office. Unhappy marriage made her in a severe depression and suffers from anxiety, grief, headache and exhaustion. She had insomnia and was feeling suicidal. She was so weak she could barely walk or lift her arms.

After ten visits she has gone back to work and has almost returned to her previous life. Now when I see her she is smiling and says she feels wonderful.

No one can promise these kinds of results every time, but I truly believe that Chinese medicine can improve mental health and is a valuable resource for those with stressful lives here.

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