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Gynaecological Problems

A healthier lifestyle and related education, alongside appropriate treatment, is very important to achieve satisfactory results.

Renal Diseases and UTI

A healthy lifestyle is sometimes more important than the treatment itself in these kind of illnesses.

Diabetic and Thyroid issues

Diseases are also classified as Endocrine illnesses, which share one common similarity: imbalanced hormones levels.

Respiratory Diseases

Removing phlegm, cleaning internal heat/cold, and improving immune system function are three key points to treat.

Digestive Problems

Either herbs or acupuncture can be beneficial for Digestive problems as long as the right treatment is administered.

Skin Problems

In the big picture skin issues are due to internal Heat (or heat in the blood as described by TCM).

Nerve and Cardiovascular system disorders

Calming down an unsettled nerve system, and adding proper positive (good) Energy is the main vehicle to achieve results.

Injuries or MuscleJoint Pain or Rheumatism

Muscular and joint pain due to injuries, aging or overuse are very common, so we see a lot of them in our clinic.

Herbal Remedies

Chinese Herbal remedies, together with Acupuncture, has been widely used in China and other East Asian countries.

Remote Consultation

For the people who are not convenient to come for a personally, we have Remote Consultation service!