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Treating Infertility with Chinese Medicine

The Treatment of Infertility with Chinese Medicine
– by Effi Kfir

Due to various reasons, there are a growing number of women today that have difficulty getting pregnant. Although Western (modern) medicine is getting very sophisticated in its treatment of infertility, the majority of the treatments do not succeed.

According to Chinese Medicine, there are two main reasons for this lack of success.  First is the inability of Western medicine to recognize the reciprocity of body and soul.  Secondly, Western medicine ignores the importance of the woman’s constitution.

Chinese medicine explains that negative emotions can adversely effect the reciprocity of body and soul. For example, stress, resentment, frustration, pent up emotions and anger can damage the energy found in the liver. This damage in turn, connects to the blood and the reproductive system which can make fertility impossible.

Chinese Medicine may help to restore the natural flow of the liver energy by reducing stress and other negative emotions with the help of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, diet and/or changes in lifestyle. Once the body and soul are in harmony, pregnancy has a better chance to occur.

Strengthening a woman’s constitution is another way to treat infertility.   According to Chinese Medicine, a woman’s constitution consists mainly of her digestive system (stomach and spleen) which are responsible for the production of blood and energy, and her reproductive system (kidneys). If this constitution is not functioning well, there may be problems with fertility and pregnancy; there may not be conception or if conception does occur, there may be frequent miscarriage or a very difficult pregnancy that may compromise the woman’s future health.

Chinese Medicine has the tools to diagnose constitutional deficiencies and treat them successfully.  A proper combination of acupuncture, Chinese herbs and/or diet are the main modes of treatment which will provide good preparation for the woman prior to getting pregnant. This will ensure the woman a safe and a healthy pregnancy, a healthy baby and a quick recovery.

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