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  • 抑郁,焦虑,紧张,慢性疲劳综合征,纤维性肌痛症
  • 注意力障碍,情绪低落
  • 头痛,偏头痛
  • 失眠,记忆力减退
  • 带状疱疹(缠腰龙)
  • 眩晕,耳鸣
  • 脑血管疾患如中风,短暂脑血栓形成,癫痫,运动神经元疾病等
  • 高血压或低血压,心绞痛,冠心病

Calming down an unsettled nerve system, and adding proper positive (good) Energy is the main vehicle to achieve results in those kind of problems. Either acupuncture or herbs can be used. Albert Zhang prefers the former, as it makes a direct connection between him and clients during treatment. Only qualified Chinese medicine practitioners have the ability to bring what they have promised to clients. How to find a good practitioner, is a hard job which needs some wisdom and luck.

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